Friday, September 19, 2008

Come in and take a look around ...

I'm always fascinated by work environments ... the places where people get things done. I have books about office design, layouts, studio spaces. I like to see how people work.

OK. So I'm nosey.

Anyway, I thought I might pander to your nosiness too. Although, in your case, I'm sure it's a genuine interest.

This is where I work.
I have four places that I rotate around (not literally, obviously ... that sounded a bit exorcist, didn't it?) during the course of the day.

I begin in bed. This is where I start and end my day. (Obviously). In the mornings I read - usually something interesting or motivational to get me kick-started into action. I look at my to-do list and maybe add a few things that occur to me.

(I plan a lot, but largely work spontaneously and intuitively.)

Then, most mornings I go to AJ's Coffee House. This is where I write in my journal. Here I reflect, plan and generally try to make some sense of things. The coffee's good and there are people around which brings me out of myself. Because I live and work in the same place - and on my own - I have to deliberately take myself out each day to be among people.

At home, I have a plan chest that I work at, standing up. This is where I make art. It ebbs and flows between being organised and tidy and being in a state of chaos with a number of projects and pieces of work all happening at the same time. It has a big working surface which suits me - I like surfaces. I like to spread things out so I can see them. With me it really is 'out of sight, out of mind'.

I also have a table with a PC and scanner/printer/ copier on it. This is where I do more left-brain kind of work. If I have marketing projects, I do them here. If I am researching on the net (or just web wandering) I do it here. I'm actually here, now, doing this (*waves). This is also where I chat to my friends on-line most evenings. It's a bit like going to the pub and catching up with everyone. Virtually.

And that's how my days generally pan out. These workstations form the skeleton of my day.

Oh, and I also have a comfy chair just for sitting in. But I don't have a photo of that.

So you see ... I could be anywhere.

Anyway, you've been nosey enough.

Now bugger off and mind your own business.

Ha! I enjoyed that. Especially being told to piss off. Let's call a spade a spade shall we: nosey it is.
LMAO Andrea ... no offence like!

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