Saturday, September 27, 2008

Half Awake

Many, MANY, years ago I was one half of a comedy double-act. Actually there were three in the duo, including our manager/producer. And various others who gave their time and energy. We were quite a gang.

We were The Sincere Brothers (later renamed as The Lean Two) and it was all a bit wild. We’d done straight theatre and street theatre. Then we wrote our own material and produced our own shows. We toured around different venues. We performed in small halls and big spaces; at concerts and festivals. We went into space; we split the atom. We jumped off ladders into buckets; we did escapology. We even did a nativity play … complete with camels. Oh, and we created life.

Naturally, the funniest bits were those that went wrong – losing our lines … losing my teeth … losing consciousness. Thunder-flashes, props, confetti canon, smoke and dry ice all took on a life of their own and threatened to overwhelm us. Sometimes they did.

Today I visited a big, modern art space. Talking about it with a friend later, I was asked “if you were given a space like that, would you know what to do with it?” The answer is, of course, “damn straight!”

I dream of spaces like that … of events and crowds; of collaboration and cross-fertilisation; of inspiration and impact. Of performance art.

It reminded me that some time ago my daughter, Jo, was looking at some of my plans and said “your plans are great … they’re just too small.”

I’m working on a 6 x 4 inch scale but I think I’m waking up … and I’m still dreaming. I’ll dream more when I’m fully awake.

Jo's right! (How old is she to be so wise?) And you seem to be a man of many talents, Peter. Is there anything you CAN'T do?
Jo is VERY wise (she's 26). Tales of my incompetence are almost legendary ... I just tell you the good bits in here!
the friend only asked that question to show she wouldnt know what to do with it herself is my guess...leave it empty and barron as a reflection on society?
That's just taking minimalism to the extreme! I could fill it with rubbish as a reflection on my brain.
Jo´s 27 isn´t she? OR AM I 23??? Please tell me I´m 23!!!
laughed my head off about the conkers... reminded me of our fruit shoot wars and when we put one under your pillow and you dreamt someone was holding a gun to your head HAHAHA! great stuff.
don´t know why the conkers reminded me of that...
OMG Claire ... did I get Jo's age wrong? Probably. I had you down as 23 but then, what do I know?

LMAO remembering the Fruit Shoot wars! I still sometimes check ...
Oh dear...these comments have descended into ridiculousness haven't they?!

Yes, Claire, you're right, I've been 27 for a little under a month now (hence the extra wisdom)

And I FULLY INTEND to have LOTS of big spaces to fill in the future (You can have one, Dad) - too many good ideas!!
LOL Jo ... you all keep changing your ages ... seems to be almost an annual thing now! How can an ol' fella like me keep up? And, yes, let's get the spaces and fill 'em!!!
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