Friday, September 12, 2008

Fashion ... beep beep!

I have a list of 'sensible' posts I should be writing. I have a task list of things I should be doing.

But then all my favourite magazines come out at once!

So now I'm going to be cutting and sticking to my heart's content for the next month or so.

As I mentioned before, I flick through them and rip out images that resonate with me for some reason. Then I stick them in my journal ... lying in wait for me, as it were. One day I'll turn to a new page and there will be some image or another waiting to surprise me. Makes my life a little more interesting. I thrive on stimulus and response, so I make sure that some stimuli are there in advance.

I like fashion magazines because of the lovely mix of the frivolous with the serious. I find that the art world - and art magazines - take themselves too seriously, on the whole. I like the way, too, that the work of fashion designers is presented. There is the "Collection" but often the adverts present only one particular piece. I also like to read the interviews, so as to better understand the creative process.

Some highlights:

Pop Magazine, has an amazing photoshoot of Agyness Deyn, by Ryan McGinley

Another Magazine has a lengthy article about the Prada Foundation's contemporary art programme

10 Magazine has a photshoot by Richard Burbridge where the models are made-up to look like Francis Bacon portraits.

If you don't want to spend the money on fash mags then do what Jo and I do ... go to Borders, pick a few off the shelves ... get yourselves a Starbucks ... and settle in for an hour or two (making copious notes as you go). Just don't spill coffee on the magazines because you'll be putting them back later.

Aaaaaah, my FAVOURITE thing to do!!
Hi Jo ... it's the best, isn't it?
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