Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I've been doing 6 ins x 4 ins pictures again. It's obviously an on-going thing. Years ago I produced a series of 44 pictures on postcards; then another series of 12; then another series of 12 (I'll post pics of them sometime). It seems I like to work in series and in a 6 x 4 format ... judging by the evidence.

I think it works for me because I can have a few of them underway at any one time. They're also manageable.
I'm aiming to do loads more but I guess it will last as long as the mood and inspiration last. But while I'm doing so many, I am learning a lot as I go. My methodology is changing; I'm thinking more about what they mean and how I can better express that; the dimensions of the photos in the middle are changing. It's part of my 'new thing' of learning by doing.

Do you remember ages ago I said that I was keen to try working these kinds of pictures into a larger format? Well I did. I did two 10 ins by 14 ins. I think I need to experiment more with this because I found the results very dissatisfying. But then, I was just experimenting with the format so it's not a surprise that they lack any soul. They may look like the smaller ones but they lack any integrity as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to.

These are all great, Peter!

I know what you mean when experiments like this turn out dissatisfying because I feel they lack soul. As soon as I say, "ooh, that's cool, I'll try that again" it just refuses to work. (There's a deeper message here, but it's too early for me to put it into adequate words. Maybe after I've had some coffee.)
Thanks Angela. There just doesn't seem to be a formula, does there? It's all creative ... and surprising. Thank God for coffee, eh?
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