Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Going Solo

Do you call it ‘going to the movies’, ‘going to the pictures’ or ‘going to watch a film’?


When the picture (or movie, or film … I guess I’m showing my colours … not to mention my age) finishes and the closing song plays, people start to shuffle out.

I sit there.

I watch the credits roll. Sometimes they take AGES.

All those people involved in producing that one thing. Hundreds of them. People gathering to work around a vision. People involved in making it happen … in getting it out into the world.

I also like to cut out and paste the Mastheads from magazines. This is the one from the latest issue of Another Magazine. (click on the image if you want a better view)

Again … look at ALL the people! All the jobs filled; every angle covered.

You can probably tell that I’m struggling with the idea of being a ‘solo’ artist. I love the freedom but I’m feeling the limitations. I miss being able to bounce ideas around with other like-minded people – or, indeed, very different people; it takes me much longer to find solutions to problems on my own; and there are huge limits on my resources and productivity, which is frustrating.

And I can do some things quite well ... but there are LOADS of things I'm no good at ... and lots of things I just can't be arsed with, so they just don't get done.

But I’ll figure it out. After all, I am a creative person.

Sort of.

I always stay to the end because sometimes there are extra funny bits.

And I think working in collaboration is important, even if it's not all the time.
Jo ... you have been a busy commenter today!!! I agree about collaboration. It's recognising that so many people could have a role to play ... not just artistically ... in fact that could cause conflict ... but in all sorts of ancilliary roles.
You have been a busy poster!!

Yes, like you said you need people with different skills to yours so that they can do the things you don't want to/won't do. But, more importantly, people who do those things really well. (Next time I'm up we'll watch the Bourne Ultimatum extras - they're all SO GOOD at what they do!)
That sounds like a GREAT plan, Jo!!!!
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