Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Looking back at it, the exhibition at AJ’s was good for me. I sold some drawings and a painting. But, more than that, it gave me somewhere to point to.

The pictures were there for a long time (and I’m very grateful to James and the rest of the staff for their AMAZING support). It coincided with a period when I was making a determined effort to ‘get out more’. I wanted … needed … to meet people. As I did, the conversation always came around very quickly to “So, what do you do?” When I said I was an artist … sort of … I would be asked if I had any work on show. AJ’s was a great place to point them to because they could call in for a cup of coffee, look at my work, and not feel uncomfortable about it. I was able to meet a few new ‘friends’ there and chat to them about my work. We’ve stayed in touch since.

I was also able to arrange to meet there with some of my family and long-standing friends. That was a great way to catch them up with what I’m doing and how I’m getting on.

I’ve known for some time, that when I get myself and my work in front of people, sales usually result. It’s not enough to market my work in some abstract, distant kind of way. It needs to be personal; relational. That way I can tell the story behind the art. Once people begin to ‘get it’ they often want it. I’m thinking this is where the future lies and the shape it needs to take.

I still want to ‘get out more’. I want to be mobile. I want to see places and see people. I want to make new connections and nurture relationships.

For the last four or five days I’ve been working consistently. (I know that sounds like an average working week for most people ... I'm referring more to the nature of the work I'm doing and the environment I'm working in ... working, sleeping, eating in the same couple of rooms, and not seeing or talking to anyone from one day to the next).

I haven’t been out much. I’m tired and a bit stir crazy, but I can take another day or two of it. Then I’ll need to get out of here.

And, in doing so, I’m sure it will open up the possibility of more places to show my work and of more people seeing it.

And it’ll be fun.

hey Pete,

Let us know when you're next in town - we need to introduce you to our new son!
Hoylus! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Loads of love to ... well, all THREE of you!!!!
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