Monday, October 06, 2008

"Walking On Water", at AJ's Coffee House, has now closed. I have the paintings and drawings back here leaning against the sofa. I have no storage space.

I have floor space taken up with the 6 x 4s I've been doing, and various other stacks of pictures.

There are also DVDs scattered on the floor, and piles of books.

There is a small path I can tread across the room to the kitchen area (it's only 9 paces so it's manageable. Yes ... I counted.) There are certain places it's safe to sit or to stand, but otherwise I have to be careful.

The surface of my plan chest is a total mess of paint, paper, glue, photos, twigs, dirt, grass (not that kind), gravel and works in progress. My desk is strewn with pieces of paper ... notes, to-do lists, random drawings.

And it's great. I love it.

As ever, the chaos is threatening to overwhelm me. But at the moment I'm riding the wave.

I'm working.

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