Friday, November 28, 2008

The 6 x 4 pictures I’ve been doing have always been intended for giving away. Recently, though, I’ve been ‘designing’ some especially for certain people. It is a slightly different discipline to be more self-conscious about the idea behind the picture.

This is one I did for my in-laws. They both have birthdays just gone or coming up and I wanted to give them a gift. I haven’t seen them for a long time but I wanted to let them know I still think of them with affection.

I’m going to resist all the mother-in-law jokes and say that as a couple they have been nothing but good to me.

When I visited yesterday, only my father-in-law was there. We had an hour together just catching up.

He told me a story about a potter making a clay pot. As the potter worked, he noticed a flaw, so he broke down the pot and remade it. I was strangely moved by the story and by the kindness with which it was told.

For the rest of the day I was quite emotional – veering between happiness at renewing contact and sadness at what has been lost.

Then last night the ghosts came back.

Does art open doors?

That is quite possibly the most beautiful 6x4 I have ever seen.

(Apart from my one)
LOL ... thank you Jo!
Just gave me shivers... oh, yes, art opens doors.

(lovely little 6x4)
Thank you, Angela. Art is surprising, isn't it?
And, as I think about it, I realize that sometimes you have to open the door first in order to let the art through.
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