Monday, November 10, 2008


Today I went out again to take photos ...
in the wind and the rain and the cold.
But this time I didn't retreat ...

This time

I had

a HAT!

I recently "discovered" the black and white setting on my camera ... so I was very excited about that.

Here are some of the pictures ...

Funny thing is, I only went out to buy a loaf of bread.

Oooo, black & white! Congrats on not retreating.
Wow! These are really was going mad!
Angela : I really like B & W photography though this is the first time I've used it myself.

Jo : The water was blowing UPWARDS sometimes!
i wish i could find the black and white setting on my camera.....
you did wear an extra pair of socks i hope!
Art does happen when you least expect it, doesn't it? Great shots.
ooh great pics!
Anonymous : Fraid I fell short on the socks ... my feet got cold and wet. The price I pay for not taking advice eh?

Andrea : It probably worked cos I wasn't thinking too much about it ... just having fun ... and surviving the weather!

Claire : Thanks babe! Thanks for your newsletter too.
There's probably someone in a parallel universe at this very mo posting pictures of bread on their weblog and saying - 'I only went out to photograph some waterfalls'!
LMAO Anonymous!!!!
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