Monday, November 24, 2008

I think I’ve got ADD.

I don’t really know what it is but I was reading about it just now and it sounded awfully familiar. And fun.

I know I’m a bit old for it (isn’t it something kids have?) but I like the idea of it and it’s sitting quite comfortably with me at the moment.

It’s not that I’m looking for an excuse for my inadequacies and failings – I don’t need something to blame them on. They seem to worry other people far more than they worry me.

But if this is the way I am – the way I work – then I can “adopt appropriate and productive strategies to manage myself”.

The way I’ve been doing things hasn’t been working particularly well so far. I try to do things the way one ‘should’ but I lose interest extremely rapidly.

I’ve been timing myself. At the moment I can sustain attention and activity for 7 minutes. When I have to. It was 9 minutes but I’ve slipped a bit.

It works when I tell myself I only have to work on a thing for 7 minutes - and set the timer on my phone. Funny thing is, when I do, often I find that I work for longer!

But, if I get in a stimulating environment, or I get a cool new idea, or I’m with someone interesting, I can keep going for AGES!

I was going to write more … but I’ve lost interest.

(Damn, that wasn’t even 7 minutes)

Oh thank you so much for that chuckle. As a parent of a child with ADD I can recognise some of those attention problems, although he has grown up now, he still finds things difficult to settle on, unless of course he is really interested in it. I used to have teach him at home and his attention span nearly drove us both up the wall, but we got through it. Lol.

I needed a laugh anyway. Our house isn't selling and I am supposed to be writing a handbook and it isn't flowing so I was just taking a break or have I developed ADD - that's scary!
Hi Joanna : glad it amused you, though having the real thing to deal with must be less than amusing at times! Now get back to work!

I've developed a worrying new habit of slumping BIG time after lunch then working really hard from about 4 o'clock onwards - trouble is I get kicked out of the studio at 5.15.

I also only seem to print samples on fridays. You'd think I'd be in control of that but apparently not.
Jo ... I think I caught it off you!!! I slump in the afternoons, too. Siesta time innit!
Aah, siestas.

There's a great spot in the library on a comfy chair next to a radiator...
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