Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Magnetic North

I once read about an architect who designed and built a new University campus. When it was complete, someone pointed out that he had not designed or laid any pathways around, between and connecting the various buildings. The architect said this would be done in about 6 months’ time. In the meantime, the students and staff made their way from building to building, creating their own pathways as they went. After 6 months, the architect simply laid the paths where the people were already walking. As he pointed out, even if you lay paths at the outset, people soon take and make their own shortcuts and form the pathways that suit them and their natural movement around the area.

I’ve been noticing lately the pathways that I am naturally creating and moving along. These are neural pathways in my thinking and geographic pathways in my travels. I find myself moving in some directions, and not others. These directions are quite new to me and are, as yet, unformed. But paths are starting to emerge.

When I have tried to plan my way forward, like an architect’s drawing for my life, I have found that often I have naturally veered off in different directions. I could just stick to the plan (like the good project manager I was trained to be – plan the work, work the plan), or I can observe the paths I find myself taking and begin to work with those. I’m choosing the latter.

I love this analogy and can attest to its existence!
Andrea : it's also known as 'making it up as you go along'!
I've heard that story, and I've often experienced that veering off the planned course, but I've never combined the two. Made something click into place. Thanks, Peter.
It's a good story, isn't it, Angela?! I wonder if it's true???
In my experience when we try to live by the blueprint its always a mess but when we go with the flow life is so often full of rich suprises and its so much less effort!
Duncan ... more insecure and scarey though isnt it? At least, it seems that way ... it's probably not.
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