Wednesday, November 26, 2008

When I read or look through magazines, I'm always looking out for words, phrases and images that spark something inside me. When I see something that does that I 'leap' into action and, faster than you can say attention deficit disorder, I'm scanning and printing, cutting and sticking, copying and pasting.

Just this morning I came across this GREAT chapter heading in a book:

How cool is that?! I don't know what one of them is but I WANT one! It's gone straight to the top of my Christmas list.
I also recently came across this phrase from Hazel Dooney's blog :

"… a reckless 19th century explorer ... disappearing off the edge of the map, only to be heard from in terse, sporadic missives sent back with packages of obscure maps hand-drawn on pale hide and bags of arcane artefacts ..."

Don't you just LOVE that imagery?

I like the idea of maps. I like looking at them.


I don't understand them and can't read them.

I like the idea of exploring too. But just the idea of it. I'm too much of a wuss to actually do it.


I'm not safe outdoors (as you know).

I went out for the day last Sunday (in the car) and I got lost twice. The first time was only 20 minutes after I'd left home. The second time I turned left instead of right. I think I was in Telford.


Last weekend I ran over a squirrel and a small dog.

I'm thinking one of those electronic tags might be quite handy. That can be number 2 on my Christmas list.

TWO animals?! A squirrel is ok...but whos dog was it?!

I love maps too - I can read them but trust me, it's better just to look and admire them. I always love any art work I see when maps are involved.

I think that from now on, wherever you work you should just put that title on your door, and hey presto, you got one :)
Jo ... the dog belonged to my cousin's next door neighbour! It survived, though, as did the squirrel!

Might try that with the sign ...
next time aim for a pidgeon.
Still hate pigeons do you Claire? Can't say I blame you.
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