Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I did it. I moved out. It all went well with help from a man with a van. The most essential piece of equipment turned out to be my leather gloves. Invaluable.

Everything I own is in storage. I have with me a suitcase of clothes and three plastic crates of art materials, books, journals. Hopefully I won't need anything else because I'm buggered if I do ... I didn't label any of the boxes or bags. You can tut if you like.

I should feel a sense of achievement - of accomplishment. But completing tasks doesn't give me any joy. I find joy in the initial idea - the concept - the plan. Once that bit's over the rest is just a chore. In all the psychometric tests I've done, I've always come out as an initiator - never a finisher/completer.

This came home to me afresh as I cleared out my plan chest ready for the move. I found dozens of folders with ideas in, paintings I'd started, projects I'd researched.

For me, it's always "What's next?", as I stand knee-deep in the debris of unfinished things.

Well done... I love the imagery. No labels, Knee deep in debris... Comes times in our lives when that sums it up. Maybe Genesis 1? Chaos, no labels.
Uncompleted tasks is all too familiar with me.
My previous partner, a counsellor, used to admonish me for burdening myself with the notion that I was capable of doing everything myself - a legacy from my late mother; a solitary creature, all too aware of life's pain, adopting the philosophy of 'no risk living' - when it was more than apparent I was lacking in so many ways.
Her suggestion was partnerships - or at least seeking out other kindred spirits willing to engage in a mutual fulfilment of needs - Elton John and Bernie Taupin being a good example.
It's an exercise (still ongoing for me) requiring confidence, co-operation and compromise, and more importantly, the taking of a chance.
Anyway, good luck with your new life.
That´s ok. You never know when you might need those ideas one day.

Well done for moving out :) It´s exciting really cos now you can start to plan even more new things
Good to hear from you Martin. I hope your move went well and that you have a great year. Love to you and Gayle.
Anonymous ... very insightful. Over the next 100 days I'm going to be looking for new partnerships and collaborations and following up on ones that have recently developed. Hope you have a good year.
Hi Jo ... hope you're OK. I agree ... no idea is ever wasted. I'm looking forward to some new initiatives and I'm not going to worry too much whether they bear any fruit or not. Just gonna do what I do ... but more so.
Well, congrats on moving out! And good luck with all the rest.

Wishing you a very happy 2009!
Thank you Angela! I hope you and yours have a great year too. Good luck with the art sale!
Hey Pete.

Well done on the 100 days.

Just wondered if you got my email?

Phil H.
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