Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 31

I love a good metaphor … it’s like … ha ha … did you see what I did there?


On Day 31 of my 100 DAY life redesign experiment, an image that has been shaping my thinking is that of a kaleidoscope.

This redesign is not about a shift from ‘this’ to ‘that’ or from ‘here’ to ‘there’. It’s not about making a fundamental change. It’s change of pattern. It’s a process, not an event.

Most of the elements of my life are already in place – and I’m happy with them. Lately, there have been some new people and places – and I’m happy with those, too. I’m even coming to terms with some of the pain and recognising that it also forms part of the pattern.

I’m changing the patterns – as often as I want to and for as long as I like – in the everyday things as well as the bigger issues. Then I can change them again … and again.

There are three things that the image of a kaleidoscope give me:

There is containment
A kaleidoscope has a shape and a structure that enable it to work creatively. The patterns can be changed without having to pull it apart and risk scattering and losing the elements. To me, this represents a framework and a boundary.

There is variety
There are many different pieces in a kaleidoscope – of different sizes, shapes and colours. The permutations can be almost endless, or they can stay the same. Often, a simple turn can produce an amazing new pattern. But it’s not fixed – it’s only static for as long as I choose.

Change is easy
All I have to do is turn the thing around, shake it up, and see what new patterns emerge. If I don’t like it, I can change it again. Although I’ve made many big changes over the years to the pattern of my life, it can – and should – also be about shifting the existing elements around – getting a fresh perspective on things, a new point of view, a different way of seeing.

But I have to do it – it doesn’t happen automatically. It means I have to be fully engaged with the process.

More about that later …

Good one, Peter, and "It’s a process, not an event" is a wise thought that applies to SO many situations.
I keep reminding myself of that, Andrea, because I always want instant results!
I love this post. Very interesting.

I like the idea of having all the pieces and changing the pattern whenever you like.

It means you can be dynamic just by shifting the elements a bit and finding a new way of looking at them.

Makes it sound like life/work can be more exciting in a effortless way - without having to discard everything that’s gone before, but whilst also allowing new things into the mix.
Exactly, Jo.
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