Sunday, January 11, 2009


I've mentioned Hazel Dooney's blog before, and I still enjoy reading it ... she's very raw and real. I was amused, though, to read this recent entry ...

Over the last few days I've got back to some work. It's a challenge though because I no longer have everything at hand to work with whenever I want (the benefit of a dedicated space). When I need something I have to go to my Dad's garage and rummage around in all those unlabelled boxes and bags ... and - sod's law ... I can never find what I want at the time but I usually find something else I was looking for previously.

But it's challenging me to improvise and to make art with what I can find around me.

Sounds like it might thrown up some unexpected and exciting results!

Having things nearby doesn't help - I have something in my hand one minute and the next minute it's gone!
Hi Jo ... things move on their own, don't they? It's the only possible explanation!
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