Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 50

Half way through my 100 DAY experiment. At least, that's if my sums are correct. Which is highly unlikely. Numbers hate me and gang up on me to confuse and upset me.

Also, many days feel like Groundhog Day so maybe I've just lived the same day 50 times.

Bottom line is this:

Things were bad and getting worse.

Now they're bad but getting better.

Result, eh?
Anyway, this is a 6 x 4 that I've just completed for a friend of mine. (Rubbish photo as per usual).

I've got a couple of other pieces close to completion so I'll post those soon.

I've also been invited to participate in an exhibition in a gallery in Cardiff in 3 weeks time. I have to decide on that because at the moment the costs don't work out in my favour.
That's it. Short and sweet. Bit like me.
Except I'm not short.
Or sweet
But there was a gap at the bottom of this post that was annoying me.
(and there still is because I can't get the spacing to work on Blogger. grrrrrrrrr)

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