Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So this is kind of how it goes …

I start with a photo, which I usually mount on a piece of foam-board to give it some substance and depth. Obviously a photo is 2-dimensional so by mounting it and, sometimes, painting around the edges, it suggests 3-dimensionality. In this instance I cut through the photo to see through it at what might lie behind. Sometimes I tear photos apart, sometimes I leave them alone.

This is what I see.

Then I paint a surround, representing what I don’t see … the energy, life-force, spirit that is in and around everything I see. To do this I use an abstract expressionist technique. It looks random and, to some extent, it is. But I work it until it looks and feels right to me.

I prepare the surface with card, paper, tissue and other found objects. I like this part of the work to be textured, tactile and substantial. I’m trying to express that the ‘unseen’ is not (in my view) ethereal and insubstantial, but has colour, depth and texture. It is every bit as real as what we see, but of a different substance.


(The reason I paint is to avoid trying to describe things in words).


Then I paint over it some more and add more elements (such as coloured beads and gold leaf) and more paint. At this stage it’s about the surface texture. I mix media so that some of the surface is matt and some gloss. I use acrylics, poster paints, pastels, high-gloss enamel paint. I want the surface to shimmer and glisten and to reflect the light in different ways.

Finally, I mash the whole thing together.

This picture is actually quite rubbish, but it’s a study (one of many I’m doing) to try to understand better what I’m doing and why.

This is my 200th blog post, by the way!!!!

Happy Birthday to your 200th blog post,
Happy Birthday to your 200th blog post,
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday to your 200th blog post!
LMAO ... why thank you! Just don't ask me to blow out the candles.
Too distracted to comment on content but HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY. Sort of.
Thanks, Andrea!
I get to pull your pony tail 200 times! you old old man!!!
p.s. it'd be 200 bumps in the school playground but i don't think my back can take it hee hee
Anonymous ... I'm so glad I didn't go to the same skool as you!
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