Monday, March 23, 2009

Don't fence me in.

When I were a kid, all of this were just fields (said the old geezer ... me).

I would go out walking and sketching for hours. All around this area were fields, woods and a river. I could wander anywhere.

It's all changed now, though. When I went for a walk recently - to do some drawing and take some photos - there was only one path and it was fenced in on either side. I particularly wanted to get down to the river, but it wasn't possible. I could see where I wanted to get to, but couldn't get there. Eventually I found a section of fence that I could climb over (at my age - honestly!) though I did get a bit stuck when the sleeve of my jacket caught on a branch. It ripped when I fell free.

It's an apt metaphor, though, because I've been thinking a lot about fences. Like you do.

The art I make is mainly an attempt to explore and depict different dimensions of 'reality' - in particular, that which is 'seen' and that which is 'unseen'.

As I continue to think about the 'seen' and the 'unseen' and the inter-relationship between the two, I've begun to realise that there are barriers between them. It would be nice if they could flow freely and easily into one another but it seems not.

There are fences - obstacles that you can see through, but that can't easily be crossed.

"A fence is a freestanding structure designed to restrict or prevent movement across a boundary. It is generally distinguished from a wall by the lightness of its construction: a wall is usually restricted to such barriers made from solid brick or concrete, blocking vision as well as passage."

I've taken lots of photos of fences, and here are some of them. I'm also making lots of sketches, but I'll post those separately.

(I appreciate these are probably the most boring photos ever ... but I'm going somewhere with this ... honest.)

Actually, I quite like these photos. Great colors and compositions. And so many different fences! Of course, I like to photograph rust and peeling paint, so...
I look foward to seeing where you are going with this. I liked the photo's as well.A young guy like you should still be able to jump fences!
I,m not anonymous I'm Duncan! Hit the wrong button,better with pigeon post!
Ooh, I actually also think these are very good photos of very interesting fences!
Angela ... rust and peeling paint are so interesting! Havne you come across the Japanese thing of wabi sabi?

Duncan ... if I could jump fences I'd enter the Grand National! Don't worry about pressing the wrong button - I just did the same thing and lost my replies to these comments. I blame Blogger.

Jo ... I took loads more photos - once you start looking, fences are everywhere!
Though a rather shy, cowardly person as a boy I still had a curiosity about what might lie behind a wall or fence, and would occasionally (especially on the prompting of others) risk trespass to find out.
Though more comfortable in my own skin now than I was then, a certain fearfulness remains, overwhelming the excitement once felt in finding out about what might lie beyond.
The actor Brian Blessed once said - '...the most dangerous thing you can do is not take a risk'
I'm sitting here typing this in an Estonian guest house, having just done my annual visit to a house I own here.
It's a bit rundown, and needs a lot of work, but I own it, and the land it sits on, outright.
The last time I stayed there I walked naked from the sauna and nobody sent for the police; I lit a bonfire and nobody threatened me with a £5000 fine.
It's a place where I could live, be self sufficient, free - but, there's a barrier!
Anonymous ... I too used to think nothing of climbing fences and wandering wherever I wanted. Nowadays I'm scared to do so.

Barriers are what I'm exploring at the moment and I'll blog a bit in the next few days about what I'm discovering.
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