Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Drawing Myself Out

My body has a mind of its own.

Sometimes I'm sitting there, wondering what to do, when I realise I've got my coat on and I'm heading out of the door. It seems I'm going out.

Another time, I will be wondering what to have for supper only to find myself standing in front of an open fridge eating chorizo straight from the packet.

Recently my mind has been going over my 100 Day's experience, trying to make sense of it. But the other day I realised that my body has known for weeks.

For some time I've been going out most days and sketching. I hardly even think about it - I just seem to do it compulsively. Page after page of drawings. And it was only at the weekend that I realised that I've been drawing the same thing over and over again. I looked back through my A6 sketchbook that is always in the car with me. I was curious to see what I'd been up to.


Distant hills and fields, dotted with trees and bushes and criss-crossed with hedges and fences.

I'm beginning to see further.

For a time the only distance I could see - or handle - was from one drink to the next. Then it extended to one day at a time. I'm starting now to imagine what the next couple of years could be like. Although I hadn't realised that until I saw what I had been drawing.

I think that's the biggest result of my 100 Day experiment.

I haven't yet started making mountains out of mashed potato, but it can't be far away.

Nice drawings. Nice post. (And, I've got to say, I'm loving all the puns).

It's great when you realise you've been on the right track all along, even though you didn't notice. I do that. Maybe we should worry less.
Oh love the pictures of those hedges, that is one part of the landscape I miss out here in Latvia - they tend to use ditches to separate fields - more because it is necessary than anything else and animals are usually tethered so not much reason to hedge the land. Thanks for the pictures
Jo ... I agree about worrying less ... and also over-analysing. I feel like I am on the right track, just can't see the wood for the trees sometimes.

Joanna ... the British countryside does have a certain charm, doesn't it? If you would like a couple of sketches email me your address and I'll send you some.
mashed potatoes are great, almost as good as trifle!
Anonymous ... sounds like the perfect main course and dessert! What else could one want?
world domination?
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