Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Head in the clouds

I'm thinking about the "abstract expressionist" element of my paintings. By that I mean the blobby, splatty bits. (Sorry to get technical on ya.)

So far it's been without shape or form ... just a representation of energy.

But I've been thinking for some time that 'it' might have some shape and form ... but how to depict that?

I'm thinking clouds.

I like the way they come and go, move across the sky, change shape, and affect our environment, our lives and our moods.

They are insubstantial and yet elemental (they're made of water, right?)

I like that sometimes they look beautiful ... and sometimes they look menacing.

I like the different shapes they make.

Some people look at them and see pictures in them. I don't do that. If you show me an inkblot I see an inkblot. Same with clouds.
I remember being fascinated by clouds back in school when we learned about them in geography (probably the only thing I was ever fascinated by) and learning the different types: cumulus, stratus, cirrus, nimbus.

(But I draw the line at this:

You can tell what the weather is going to be like according to cloud formations.

Or next door's cat.

Every Saturday morning (when I'm staying at my Dad's), Elwyn from next door comes in and tells us where the cat is. If it's gone upstairs it means it's going to rain.

But I digress.

Did you know (cos I didn't) ...

Clouds are white because they reflect the light of the sun. Light is made up of the colours of the rainbow (the primary ones being red, blue and green) and when you add them all together you get white. Clouds reflect all the colours the exact same amount so they look white. Except when they look grey, obviously. Or pink. But you get the idea.

An important element of my visual language is colour. I use colour to represent different things. Often I use the primary colours to represent light. And then that white light is perfectly broken down into its constituent colours in a rainbow (not sure where I'm going with this except that I did do a picture once that I titled "Richard Of York" because it depicted the colours of the rainbow).


When you see clouds, you know something is coming.

I want to depict theophanic clouds.

I do hope you're not taking my name in vain!
PMSL ... How did you DO that Theo????
Ignore him Peter, he's so up his own bottom.
Anyway, I shall be revealing myself to you soon - I assume you're familiar with the Little Chef near Redditch? They do a fabulous bread and butter pudding for £3.95, and the service is excellent!
See you there soon.
Hello ... err ... God. Thanks for dropping in. I've never had such direct communication with 'the powers that be'. I even looked up Redditch on Google Maps!
I waited 'til twenty past four!
Nonconformists, you can't trust em, and the bread and butter pudding was out of this world too - bit like me LOL
Oh bugger, the celestial hordes are playing up again - talk again soon.
PS: liked your fence pictures.
GOD ... sorry for the no-show.

BTW ... I don't like bread and butter pudding and I don't have £3.95.

I thought you might have known that ...
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