Friday, April 03, 2009

Still on the fence

I've made some rough and ready models of the pictures I'll do one day about fences. I've done them on backgrounds of red, green and blue - these being the primary colours of light. The idea is that religion keeps people away from the light. Is that too contrived?
But, for now, I'm going to box up all this preparatory work - photos, sketches, models and writings - until I'm ready to tackle the bigger pictures.

Next, I'm going to be looking more closely at what goes on in the background of my pictures - the area where I try to depict the unseen element. I'm looking at clouds for the underlying shape and form. I've taken lots of photos, though I've been photographing skies for years so I already have plenty of images to work from. I'll post some of them - and the drawings I'm doing - in the next few days.

I also know what I want to do in terms of the religious words, phrases and symbols that will go on the fences. I'm going to take rubbings of plaques and gravestones in churches and cathedrals, then overlay fragments of them onto the fence posts.

This project still has life in it.

Great stuff Peter! You're galloping across the open space like a wild horse. When you hit the fence jump, you'll be flying!...LOL from us both
LOL Duncan ... how I wish that were true!!!!
I like them/it...wotever
Thank you Anonymous!
Of course its true! We think you're an inspiration!
Loving the fence thing Pete.

Especially the blue one - the fence looks the toughest to get through!

love the barbed wire too.

In fact, it's got me thinking of all kinds of things.

Very cool.
Glad you like it Hoylus ... and great to hear from you.
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