Saturday, May 30, 2009

A few weeks ago I felt the urge to make some art. Since then I've spent some time in Mid Wales taking photos, making sketches and gathering materials. I produced the first two of a number of new pictures. They are a bit rough and ready - which I'm happy with - because the bulk of them was done 'on location'. I finished them off back at base camp.

Oooh, I like these A LOT! Very, very nice. Lot's of depth.
Thanks Angela ... I'm enjoying making them because they are rough and ready so I'm just enjoying the process.
Really nice! I especially like the top one. I wanna come out painting and then come to base camp! I'm planning to very soon...
Jo ... we'll have FUN!
love these! they look really fresh and like you want to touch them... I always want to touch paintings and you´re never allowed to - you´ll let me won´t you?!
Claire .. thank you! You can definitely touch these! They are not made to be put behind glass.
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