Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Over the course of the last few weeks, I've been mainly working on the logistics of my 'art business' ... sorting, organising, listing, labelling.

Very left brain.

In the meantime, my right brain spat her dummy out of her pram.

So I took her out to play for an hour or so.

We went to Borders, grabbed a magazine and a coffee and sat looking at lovely pictures.

The magazine we looked at was "Muse". Very appropriate, I thought. It's a bilingual magazine - Italian and English (I read it in the Ital ... the English) - and describes itself as "The Fashionart Magazine"
. The trouble is it's £12.50 so we couldn't afford to buy it to cut out some of the lovely pictures. We also had to be careful not to spill coffee on it because we were putting it back on the shelf after we'd read it.

"Muse" is an inspiring mix of articles and photos, covering fashion, art, style and culture. I'd love to be involved in that world though I think I'm too conventional. I'd have to let go a bit more.

Usually, this sort of thing keeps me amused for ages. But today, I was getting increasingly restless and agitated. It's almost as if there were too many ideas and images, too many words and sentences.

I was no longer sure I knew what they (fashion designers) were doing. I found myself wondering what the meaning was ... and if there was any. Don't get me wrong, I love the fashion industry and the characters who work in it.

Perhaps the trouble with the seasonal nature of fashion - and the huge number of pieces they have to design, produce and show - is that it becomes about the rapid generation of ideas and images. Perhaps, inevitably, these will be devoid of depth or meaning.

As a visual artist (sort of) I want to go a little deeper ... to incorporate layers of meaning ... to go longer-term to allow the working-out of just a few ideas.

I've got a longing lately to make some art.

It's like a sexual urge.

I want to make art with whatever I can find ... off-cuts of wood, pieces of slate, Daler boards, cardboard.

I want to go out and gather sticks, grass, moss, dirt, leaves, stones. I want to slather them in PVA and stick them to those surfaces - right there and then. I want to mix in paint ... flicking, splashing and pouring.

I want to take countless photos and make loads of sketches of everything I can see using pencils, pens, charcoal and chalks.

I want dirt under my fingernails and colour all over me.

I want to place my hands on the earth and weep and groan.

Meanwhile, my left brain is making a list of what I'll need to take.

And thinking I might need sandwiches and a flask.

I love to hear about the dichotomy of your thinking. I know it so well. I love to be organised but haven't got the discipline to sustain it, although I have done pretty well at keeping on track for my course with the OU (the price tag keeps me focussed). You described that feeling so well of one half of the brain making sure of things, organising etc and then the other half that just wants to get on and do something with abandonment. I am glad it is not just me who wants to go out and pick stuff up to plaster with PVA glue (now where is that glue?) unfortunately a visit to the accountants calls.
Do it! Go out and make art! Nothing stopping you!

Maybe that is the difference between art and fashion...
Google 'Steampunk', look at the images and see what grabs you! If you're not more agitated and overstimulated after that then you might just find soemthing to hold onto.
Just a big YES! Sometimes I just want so badly to do nothing but play with paints and pencils and glue and paper until I'm exhausted and absolutely covered in colors and random bits of material and there's a mad gleam in my eye. There are times when I get close, but I'm still working on me getting out of my way enough to actually do it as much as I want to.

Loving these little sketches.
Joanna ... probably the knack is to move seamlessly between the 2 ... if you figure out how to do that, let me know!

Jo ... I went out and did it today!!!

Andrea ... way too many ideas and inspiration on that website! I'm thinking I'd make a good goth!

Angela ... someone once told me to "get over myself" ... probably good advice but easier said than done!
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