Monday, June 08, 2009

I'm out in the hills again - sitting beside a lake. It appears to be peaceful and calm, but the wind is blowing in the trees and the grass, and the ripples are moving restlessly across the surface of the lake. In the earth there will be all sorts of worms, bugs and creep-crawlies. (Just like in my car.) In the lake there will be fish, and ... errr ... other things that live in water. And while I can't see them, there are sure to be animals and birds around here somewhere.

It's a constant maelstrom of elements and creatures - all inter-acting, inter-relating and inter-dependent. It goes on day and night whether I'm here or not; whether I notice or not; whether I care or not.

It seems life's like that.

I've stopped here for a reason. I have a few things on my mind. I write two of them on scraps of paper, lift my hand and let them go. The wind takes them.

A butterfly flaps its wings in Patatgonia and I throw a few pieces of paper into the air in Wales. Who knows what the knock-on effect will be? What consequences will follow? Maybe my 'prayers' will be answered by some force or some fluke. Maybe not.

It was a special moment.

As I turn to go back to the car, I see a sign.

It says, "Take your litter home. Maximum penalty £2500".

That could go either way then, depending on who was watching.

I'm watching........
anonymous ... yeah, but you won't tell ... will you?
The hills have eyes!
Yep Claire ... I'm a messer!
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