Sunday, June 07, 2009

I've got worms

I first noticed when I was gluing sticks, grass, dirt and stones onto a piece of MDF at the side of the road in Mid Wales.
Something was moving on the surface ... wriggling in fact. I'd half glued a worm into the picture.

I now have carrier bags full of material I have gathered, in the boot of my car. When I open the boot, flies buzz around and worms are crawling.

Add that to the lingering odour of milk I spilled some time ago and my car is not a pleasant place to be.

Ah well.

Anyway, here are two more pictures from Mid Wales ... and there are more to come!

The reason I'm producing so much at the moment is because:

I'm working without excuses. I'm not waiting for the ideal circumstances ... or even slightly better ones ... I'm just "getting on with it", every day.

I'm also challenging myself more. I'm consciously doubling my output by working on 2 pictures at a time.

Next, I'm going to be thinking about how to package and present my work.

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