Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Won't Get Fooled Again

When I was a teenager me and my friends used to go to "rock concerts" at Cowbridge Town Hall. The music was loud and the place was packed. We'd usually drunk cider and smoked cigarettes round the back. Down the front, close to the speakers was the place to be. Your ears ringing the next day was the sign it was a good evening.

A friend of mine's Dad had an amazing "hi-fi" system in the back room (kept for best). We used to go there after school (and sometimes when we should have been in school) and play LPs very loud.

The local youth club sometimes had "discos" where we would take our own LPs and dance.

I say dance ...

It was legs apart, head down, hair over ya face and imaginary guitar in hands. Then rock back and fore Status Quo style.

This all came back to me the other day when I was travelling in the car to London. I always listen to music - usually the same thing on repeat for 2 or 3 hours. But I'd recently dug out a CD of The Who's greatest hits. I let it play happily in the background, until it came to "Won't Get Fooled Again". On a whim, I turned it up ... really loud. It was fantastic. All these memories of listening to loud music and dancing crazily came back to me. It was fun.

Then I got sad, and I was sad for the next 3 days.

Why did I stop listening to music really loud?

And when did I stop rockin'?

Probably when I cut my hair.

Or maybe when you realised that you would be deaf by the age of 30 if you didn't turn the music down. Lol good to see you blogging again, where have you been?
Thanks Joanna ... been a bit lax on the old blog ... kinda lost my mojo ...
I saw the Who in Cardiff at the Sophia Gardens Pavillion in 1970.
It was so loud the floor, and my testicles, shook!
Some years later the roof of the pavillion collapsed. They said it was snow, but I think Keith Moon and co were partly responsible.
It is possible to live with tinnitus you know - ah, those were the days.
I enjoyed that -- thanks, Peter.
Anonymous ... amazing band, eh? I nevr saw them live but I did see Roger Daltrey in Reading services a few weeks ago!

Andrea ... You're welcome!
but the question remains - DID you dance crazily???
i would love to see someone dancing crazily and playing air-guitar in their car driving down the M4!
to quote Chandler, quoting Gloria Estefan, eventually the rhythm is going to get you.
Claire ... I must confess I bopped a little bit in the car ... but not full on Status Quo style!
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