Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The one where I manipulate time

I started my New Year on December 21st.

To be honest, I was fed up of 2009 and I wasn't looking forward to drifting through the days to Christmas and the New Year.

The shortest day - the Winter Solstice - seemed a good day to begin afresh. At least I knew the days would start getting lighter. And I needed that to look forward to. I need more light.

2009 was a good year in many ways, and had many highlights. But after its early promise it started to drag. The last few months got gloomy.

I needed to earth myself back in again to some simple plans and tasks. To give myself something to work on every day that would help me to get back some kind of orientation.

I read somewhere about "building a business in a year by doing one thing every day". For me, it's not just about business but about all that I aspire to be and do.

Also, by starting on December 21st I would have 375 days in the year, not 365.

It felt like a better number.

Ah, so you're 10 days ahead of us - you can tell us what it's gonna be like...
It's OK so far ...
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