Monday, April 26, 2010


The kids are burning Maerdy Mountain.

According to a Times article in the Summer of last year, South Wales is now known as "the wildfire capital of the UK".

Some of the fires are set by kids on scrambler bikes trailing burning ropes behind them.

Up until a few years ago, I did training sessions with young people on a year-long course called "DNA". The sessions I ran included a day on Vision, and another half-day on Time Management (to fulfil the vision).

I also worked with the Prince's Trust as a Business Mentor to young entrepreneurs.

I think young people should light fires.

I think they should find their passion, their vision, their reason for being here, and go out and blaze a trail with it.

I think there should be so many of them that the "fire-fighters" can't contain and control them.

I think they should set fire to the earth.

My days of envisioning and equipping young people are over. It's a different time now and I'm a different me.

But there's still work to be done for Jaded Youth.

I still think about Jaded Youth every now and then... haven't given up on it yet - neither have you! Maybe your mentoring has just taken on a more "organic" form...
maybe, Claire ... who knows eh? You and Neto have a LOT to pass on so don't give up on the idea.
So you wouldn't advocate cutting off their goolies?
Anonymous ... only if it was in my back yard!

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