Thursday, June 03, 2010


I had a good couple of days at the studio, though I nearly froze there in the night! Did a lot of sketches and studies ... most of which were crap, but on the second day found my "voice" again.

I've been working on coloured landscape studies ... trying to imitate other artists I've seen lately who are commercially more successful than me. And that's been the problem.

It's just not me.

I unpacked some of the pictures I've done over the last few years that have been in storage. They reminded me of what I was expressing. And I liked them.

So I'm going "back" to what it is I feel I'm all about. Speaking in my own tongue. Telling my own stories. Putting my own ideas on the table for conversation.

I want to ... and I will ... extend my own vocabulary. But I won't try to speak with someone else's voice.

Also, I looked long and hard at the commissioned sculpture I've almost finished. And that too is crap. I'm going to - literally - cut it back and rework it.

It means more work but it will eventually say what I want it to say.

A frustrating couple of days, but positive in their outcome.

I know those moments but they are something worth going through just to realise you are who you are. Glad you found your voice again and may your commissioned sculpture go the way you want it to.
Thank you, Joanna.
Hi Pete, great to find you here in blog land and to read abou your creative journey. I so understand the process of finding your voice. Nothing more deadly than making from the starting point of looking at artists rather than your own core. Keep going. You can find me at x
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