Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I’ve just got back from a very enjoyable ten days in Mallorca - one of the Balearic islands off the coast of Spain. What’s not to enjoy in a place where you can buy a litre of very drinkable wine for less than a pound?!

I have always loved travelling and have a soft spot for Spain, though I have never been to the Balearics.

Every time I go to Spain I want to stay there - to live and work. And one day I will. I just won’t come back. The culture and the climate suit me. I feel at home there.

Travelling is always an enriching experience as well as being a ‘time-out’ from the same-old-same-old and a chance to reflect and plan.

I enjoy the sound of a different language; the feel of a different climate; the sight of a different landscape.

Mallorca being a small island it was possible to explore the mountains and the plain, the coast and the city. Which all sounds very relaxed and groovy except that I was driving a hired car, on the right-hand side of the road. And often through narrow, twisting mountainous roads. I was terrified much of the time I was there!

I also like to chat to people and have random conversations and exchanges. I tried a few jokes, but they didn’t work. The best, though, was in Deia - on a mission to find the house of the poet Robert Graves. Having been unsuccessful, I asked in a bar for directions. The man standing next to me said “I can help you - I’m his son”! And it was true!

After finding the house and having a fascinating and inspiring time looking around, we met Juan Graves again, sat in the shade (it was 40 degrees) and chatted for a good half an hour.
A special day.

Mallorca has it all - craggy mountains, rolling plains, fabulous beaches and medieval towns.

And lots of Germans.

I mean, LOTS. Being British meant being in an ethnic minority and that was a strange and disturbing feeling.

Coming back to Wales I’m noticing how cold and wet it is.

And how expensive the wine is.

You've been very quiet just lately, good to hear from you again.
yeah Joanne ... going to try to pick things up a little now.
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