Saturday, October 09, 2010

I'm much too excited about a new road ...

... and this is not a metaphor!

The Church Village Bypass has just been opened. The road bypasses not just Church Village (which is where I was born, by the way) but a number of other small villages that used to get terribly congested with traffic. Only took 30 years of discussion and planning.
Alongside the main road a “Community Route” has been developed for cyclists and walkers. It’s a great walk with lovely views. It starts at Cross Inn and goes to Pontypridd (which will only mean anything to those of you that know the area).

It's a distance of ... oh, quite a long way.

The community footpath is safe because it’s fenced off from the road.

Or at least … that was the idea.

When I first walked along there I wondered about notices that had been posted along the fence.

Then I found out why.

It seems some elements of the community had a different agenda. Not only a new road but free fencing as well. Bargain! Whole sections have been taken away.

At least they left the notice.

Another section of the community has also been very well provided for. Let’s hope they are a little more appreciative.

I mean the dormice.


As you drive along the road you notice unusual structures crossing overhead.

These are the three Dormouse Bridges have been built in different places across the road. The cost was £190,000 - though I doubt the dormice are paying. Makes me wonder how the dormice persuaded the Local Authority to build them bridges though. It's all the more impressive when you consider that the plans of mice often go astray.

As it says on the official notice board:

“Dormice are primarily arboreal, moving around through the interlinked branches of trees. To maintain links to habitats on either side of the road Dormouse Bridges have been provided to enable them to cross …”

You couldn’t make it up, could you?

This is one of the views ... sort of.

I enjoyed this. You should post more often, Peter!
Thanks Andrea. I'm trying to post more often. But, as a blogger yourself, you will appreciate how hard it is to find the right things to post about. What's the "right" thing? Human interest? Arty stuff? A mixture? Generally I just try to post about what's interesting me at the time. What do you think? I'd appreciate feedback.
I used to post about anything. Now I stick to art. Fortunately art is a huge topic! But it also means I have a much narrower 'audience' than I used to. Fortunately I'm OK with that.
190,000 quid! If they'd given me some timber and rope I could have built it for a fraction of the price - and I don't give a hoot for dormice! Bit rich with the coalition bleating on about belt tightening and spending cuts in the public sector. Dormice my arse (and that's not a euphemism)
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