Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On Sunday my brother and I walked the whole length of the new community route. He set a cracking pace considering he’s an old fella with a gammy leg.

At the top end of the walk we found this.

It’s no wonder I get lost.

One minute I’m nearly in Tonteg, the next I’m on my way to Moscow! And I’ve never even heard of Sargres!

It turns out I’m not simply on a local community footpath – I’m on the EuroVelo Bike Route. Thank goodness I don’t have a bike or I’d never make it home for tea.


This is a Victorian cast iron vent that was discovered when the new bypass was built.

It was originally used to … wait for it … “ventilate the sewers”. Nice.

Now it has been set up as a waymarker for the community route and has been decorated by local schoolchildren.

The art on the sign was inspired by the Welsh artist Ernest Zobole (1927 – 1999). (That’s not a typical Welsh surname, by the way – Zobole was the child of Italian immigrants.) For images of some of his work, click here.

Zobole was a member of a group of Welsh artists known as “The Rhondda Group” who would discuss their work on the train to Cardiff every day (the journey then took about 2 hours).

All in all, an interesting Sunday morning stroll.

VERY interesting!
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