Friday, December 10, 2010

My Own Private Art History

In the 70s I discovered Surrealism, The Renaissance, Turner, God and PVA paint.

My paintings at that time were a hotch-potch of influences and styles.

I’ve often wondered what became of them.

I have this romantic notion that art is forever.

I like to think that my art has an intrinsic value. That it will be passed on to my children, my children’s children and my … well, you know the rest.

A recent discovery suggests this may not be the case.

It could all be destined to go in a skip or on a bonfire.

Or something more mundane.

A few weeks ago my Dad had his loft insulated.

The other day I went up there to retrieve some things I’d stored.

Some of my paintings were stacked against a wall.

Because they were painted on half-inch chipboard they had been used as walkboards between the joists in the loft.

I’m glad they came in handy.

So if you need any loft insulation or if you’re planning to build decking in your garden, give me a shout.

I have a stack of paintings you could use.

It seems art is useful after all.

One day our sun will slowly, but inevitably exhaust its hydrogen fuel supply and transform into a red giant, warming the planet to tremendously high temperatures as it expands, making life unbearable and eventually impossible, growing to almost forty times its present size to totally engulf the earth reducing any remnant of our presence to less than a vapourized cinder - so nothings forever!
Happy Christmas.
Thank you for that cheery thought NISR !!! Happy Christmas to you too!
I remember a programme years ago about some American Indian tribes and their artwork, I think they were sand paintings and they were meant to be transient. I guess it is only the West that thinks that art should be permanent or an investment and not something done for its intrinsic creativity or for decoration of something not meant to be permanent. The latter is seen as a waste of time often.
Joanna ... what a great comment ... food for thought.
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