Monday, April 18, 2011


The Open Studio in London, the other weekend, went really well. Much better than I expected. The people who came were genuinely interested in seeing the Studio set-up and seeing first-hand how things are made.

Personally, it was great for me to have the opportunity to talk about some of my work. If nothing else it helped to remind me of some of the ideas and meanings in them! You know how it is, you often don’t know what you think until you talk about it.

It was good to give voice to thought.

Since then I’ve been working more on some of my ideas and I’ve started to write some notes and stories about them. (I’ve set myself a goal this week of writing 500 words every day).

This process of reviewing and reworking some of the pictures and writing about them as I go is an encouraging one as I realise that my motivation is the same now as it was when I produced the original works.

Besides thinking about individual works I’ve also been thinking about why I do what I do. I’m intrigued by the idea of having a manifesto (maniffesto, in Welsh, would you believe!) I don’t really want one – I’ve already got an Artist’s Statement and I’ve written loads of Mission Statements etc. in my time. But I like the idea of having one.

(Sure enough, as often happens when I start thinking about something, it starts cropping up everywhere. It seems every time I go online or open a magazine or a book, someone is talking about having a manifesto. I’ve linked to some of them below.)

A manifesto is supposed to provide “a clear and conspicuous sense of purpose”. I like the idea of that. But, even more, I like the idea of using art and stories to depict and describe that purpose … without having to be too obvious about it.

I came across this recently from someone who was a mentor to me for many years. The quote has been edited by me but basically says:

”artists will awaken the dreams and creativity in others – even when those dreams have been squashed … many gifts have been suppressed in people who have lived their lives in oppressive scenarios and the arts will be used to re-awaken this.” I like that and relate to it.

Maybe there’s the makings of a manifesto in there somewhere.

But if I was to have a manifesto I wouldn’t want it to be too serious. I would want it to be fun. And exciting.

In London there is a small chain of art shops called “Cass Art”. They have a manifesto that I love. It includes this:

“We want to fill this town with artists."

How exciting is that?!

Maybe I’ll just pinch theirs.

Here are some links that have landed in my lap recently:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Creativity at work

This is interesting re creative process ... How Some Creative Geniuses Work. A special report from The Atlantic: Taken from a tweet by @the99percent

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