Saturday, July 09, 2011

There’s an exhibition I wanted to see at the Victoria and Albert Museum but it closes tomorrow. I should have got my act together.

It’s a retrospective exhibition of the work of the Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto.

A good thing nowadays about some exhibitions is that you don’t have to attend them in person. With this one, I read the book in Cardiff Library; I read articles in Vogue and other publications; I’ve seen the amazing photographs by Nick Knight and others; I’ve visited the website and followed developments and feedback on Twitter.

I’m fascinated not only by the work but by the way in which it has been displayed.

The exhibition is not confined to one room but is spread is spread throughout the museum. Mannequins dressed in the designer’s clothes look out of windows, inhabit corridors and mix with Renaissance sculptures.

As the curator explained, “The idea was almost to have Yohji and the V & A in conversation.”

Someone else said, “Yohji Yamamoto’s retrospective … is full of surprises.”

I’ve been thinking about framing and displaying art and I like the idea of exhibiting it in such a way that viewers encounter different pieces in different settings; they are surprised by it; they engage in a conversation about it.

The V & A website is amazing and well worth a look:
Follow exhibition curator, Ligaya Salazar, as she documents the evolution of the exhibition and offers an insight into the research, design and installation process.”

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