Monday, August 29, 2011

This last month or so has been quiet business-wise. Actually, it’s been quiet for longer than that but I’ve only just noticed.

There are no new commissions, no exciting projects and very few sales. I haven’t been to the studio for quite some time. Also, my scanner’s not working so I haven’t been able to write the blogs I wanted to and show you what I’ve been doing.

But it’s all good.

I’ve been taking the time to sort through and organise my files, cuttings, sketches, drawings and journals. I’ve been mounting, framing and archiving prints, photos and studies. I’ve salvaged a lot of stuff and thrown a lot of stuff away. There are now a few spaces where the floor is actually visible. It seems there is carpet. Who knew?

I’ve been going out sketching in the countryside and at the coast. I’ve been drawing in the Museum.

I’ve been writing, planning and having my photo taken for a local publication.

I’ve been to exhibitions, gallery talks, craft fairs and markets.

I’ve been reading biographies of artists and writers that have inspired me and motivated me to dig deeper and work harder.

It’s been a steady, daily routine of work that has absorbed my time and attention.

I still have lots of ideas – probably too many – but I’m going from one thing to the next and getting things done.

It doesn’t seem like much but it feels good.

For the first time in a long time, I work because I have hope.

I need to write that on my arm so I don’t forget.

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