Monday, July 08, 2013

Studying Drawing : Part 2

As I worked my way through "The Primacy of Drawing", I made notes of things that particularly interested or inspired me. I jotted them down in my Journal and then added some brief notes of my own about how I could apply what I was reading.

These are some of the quotes and notes I jotted down.  They may be of interest to some of you.  They also give a glimpse into what makes me tick.

"... the uncontrollable urge of the artist to jot down sketches on scraps of paper or any convenient surface."

"Drawing strategies ... are easily sparked by the ready coincidence of materials, intentions, function and mood required for the simple act of drawing."

"Daily drawing practice is not only a matter of keeping the hand in practice but also a defining activity of artistic life."

"Students should keep notebooks and sketch books as a witness to their daily activities and strivings."

* Make sure I always have scraps of paper and pens stashed everywhere so I can write or sketch.
* Use scraps of paper - don't throw anything away.
* Draw something every day.
* Photocopy less, sketch more.
* Get into the habit of dating and annotating sketches etc.

(In University I had a large cardboard box by my bed that acted as a bedside table. Over time this would get covered with notes and drawings. Now I have scraps of paper and many sketch books. But I still have to be 'in the mood')

"... an insistence on learning about materials, processes and techniques is probably what demarcates amateur artists from professionals."

* Keep experimenting and learning
* Use different scraps of paper and different pens, pencils etc.
* Try backs of envelopes, till receipts ... recycle, reuse, save money.

(I'm searching for the perfect sketch book.  I've used various sizes, papers etc ... but it gets expensive and it's not really what I'm about.  I like to use "found materials". Sketch books are handy though.)

"Samuel Palmer ... combined water or body colours or sepia ink with gum arabic, varnish and oil, sponging in his richly textural drawing techniques."

* Use various media and techniques
* Make interesting drawings, not just representations.
* Work it more.

(I can be quite vigorous in my painting, using abstract expressionist techniques, but I tend to a bit tame when I sketch.  I'm still too concerned about capturing a physical likeness.  It's also a consequence of practicing drawing by copying.  Maybe time to let go a little.)

"Durer's ... drawings on intense coloured papers."

* Use more interesting / experimental materials.
* Use coloured papers

(I used to draw and paint on slate, ceramics, scraps of wood etc.What happened to all that?)

There are lots more quotes and notes but I'll post those separately as I group them together.

The more I read books like this, and the sheer number of activities that can arise as a result, makes me realise more and more that being an artist really is a full-time job.

I should give it a go sometime.


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